D-Fendy is the new defender for security doors that, in combination with our locks and our cylinders, increases the level of security of its doors while keeping its design unchanged.



D-Fendy is a new generation defender, designed to protect the lock of your security door from attempts to break the cylinder and from attacks with grinders and drills. Defender secures sensitive points of the lock and doubles the door's security.
D-Fendy may be equipped on security doors with an European cylinder and with the long Dierre Design plaque, which with simplicity increases protection against burglary attempts in a sensitive place of the door while maintaining the Dierre’s aesthetics and elegance.

D-Fendy is composed of a new generation defender that is screwed on an aluminium under-plate directly fixed on the door. The aluminium under-plate allows direct installation of the plaque and handle.

D-Fendy is available as an extra on all new security doors that mount by default the Dierre Design plaque and is installable on all already existing security doors by simply performing a few operations.

D-Fendy is designed to be perfectly compatible with high security cylinder of the New Power and D-Up family, and in line with Dierre locks, it guarantees maximum security, certified by the European leader in the security doors sector.