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We offer professional products and services for residential developents. Our customers are real estate developers, designers, architects, professionals involved in the construction and refinement of homes, commercial spaces, hotels.

We are a main romanian ambassador for the Dierre brand, one of the most appreciated producer of doors. We are also the unique distribuitor of Silvarom furniture.

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Dierre, Italian design quality and style

When, in 1975, the De Robertis brothers founded Dierre, they dreamed of giving life to a trademark that would represent two fundamental values: family and home.

Today Dierre renews those values with commitment and passion, establishing itself as world leader in the production of security doors and in Italy in the field of internal doors and outside doors and windows.

Vincenzo de Robertis

The world leader Italian brand in the production of security doors

For 45 years we have been creating projects that improve people’s life making it simpler and safer.

Vincenzo De Robertis, President of Dierre


For over 40 years, more than 15,000,000 families arround the world have entrusted their security to Dierre.

We can count on 7 production plants in Italy and 2 in Europe in order to be a leader in the production of civil and industrial closures across the world.


Security and certification class

Dierre doors hold the class 3, class 4 and class 5 international burglar-proof certifications. Besides the classification, they hold a further certification: a technical guarantee issued by IFT Rosenheim, a German independent body acknowledged at international level which carries out analysis, tests and research activities.


Keys and home automation

With our locks and our simple and innovative solutions you increase the protection level while keeping the door appearance unchanged. You can choose between mechanical and electronic locks and you can enjoy the practicality of unlocking the door with no keys.


Frame and security details

Dierre doors are built with great attention to details: frame, hinges, grips and bolts are designed to guarantee the best performance. The frame is structured so as to make up a single unique block with the door leaf. Furthermore, the frame and the sub-frame designed with wrinkle paint make the doors more resistant to the weathering agents.

Dierre, Italian design quality and style

Dierre ensures technological solutions with a level of artisan-like customization, entirely produced in Italy.