D-Fendy Plus is Dierre’s new defender that with simplicity increases the protection from the more trivial attempts to break the cylinder (anti-shock) and by breaking with a grinder or drill.

D-Fendy Plus


The plus of D-Fendy Plus is given by break and drill resistant manganese ball and tablet, for burglary attempts involving a drill. In addition, thanks to the memory system, the key entry of the tablet will always be in vertical, thus eliminating the inconvenience of having to center the tablet.
D-Fendy Plus can be fitted on security doors only with a New Power and D-up cylinder and with the long Dierre Design plaque, and it increases the protection against burglary attempts targeting a weak place in the door while maintaining the aesthetics and the elegance of Dierre’s closure systems.

The D-Fendy Plus defender is composed of a new generation defender that is screwed on an aluminium under-plate directly fixed on the door. The aluminium under-plate allows direct installation of the plaque and handle.

D-Fendy Plus is available as an extra on all new security doors that mount by default the Dierre Design plaque and is installable on all already existing security doors by simply performing a few operations.