New Power and D-Up

The high security patented anti bumping and anti picking cylinders, based on the desmodromic concept.

New Power and D-Up

The New Power and D-Up cylinders are modular systems , adaptable to any door thickness, and guarantee the best performance in terms of safety:

  • - Desmodromic encryption
  • - Blank key protection
  • - Security against non-destructive break-ins
  • - Drill protection
  • - Checking the key profile
  • - Resistance to burglary


Desmodromic encryption: how it works

In the absence of the key, the combination gorges are in a chaotic (random) position and any movement or vibration of the cylinder can cause the gorges to move in an unpredictable way. The coding of the key corresponds to the shape of the track obtained on the key: when the key is inserted in the cylinder, the gorges assume the only position allowed, which corresponds to the coding of the key.

Thanks to the desmodromic encryption system, the New Power and D-Up cylinders are anti-bumping , i.e. the widespread illegal opening system called bumping is not applicable .

Recognition and blocking of the forged key

In the event that a specially modified key is inserted in the New Power or D-Up cylinder to allow the positioning of the gorges in more than one combination (key used by thieves for non-destructive break-ins), it is recognized and captured, i.e. it remains locked in the cylinder .

This system also makes the cylinder anti-picking , that is, safe against burglary by manipulation with a pick.