Double bit locks

Dierre offers a wide range of double-bit locks to apply and to insert, to meet the different security needs and types of armored door.

Double bit locks

Our families of double bit locks

  • Strong - 4-throw lock with 38 mm bolt travel for iron doors.
  • Heavy - Safety locks with 38 mm bolt travel correlated with test key, 3 92 mm long keys and block. Certifications and variants available on request.
  • Double - Double safety lock series for armored doors with keyhole. Related with test key and 3 92 mm long keys for upper and lower lock.
  • Proof - Double bit triple lock and European cylinder. Supplied in two versions and related with test key, 3 92 mm long keys, block, bracket and screws for cylinder fixing.
  • Roller - Lock with friction knob for armored doors. 38 mm bolt stroke; keyway, handle and knob 70 mm. Related with test key, 3 long keys and lock.
  • Click-Clack - Triple locks (double bit and cylinder) for outdoor locking.
  • Slim - Three-fold mortise lock with a reduced thickness profile, for outdoor locking.

The patents of Dierre double bit locks

Dierre double-bitted locks boast two patents, developed internally to meet everyday needs.

DDierre has developed the Lock Trap System patent with the aim of solving the most common problem related to double-bit locks: breaking in with a Bulgarian pick , a tool widely used by thieves and criminals to force double-bit locks..

The Lock Trap System patent is in fact able to block the functioning of the Bulgarian lock and prevent entry into the home.

Another exclusive patent dedicated to Dierre double-bitted locks is Mia .

Thanks to the Mia patent, in case of loss of the keys it will not be necessary to buy a new lock, but simply to buy the lock and replace it.