Novelty 1


Novelty 1

Solid wood door with classic elegance

The warmth and prestige of solid wood, for doors with a classic yet timeless elegance. Configurations also available with windows, with inserts in polished brass or satin chrome. Door, frame and architraves are made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence

Technical specifications

Novelty 1



44 mm thick door made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence. All the bearing elements of the door are made with two layers of solid wood glued with junction poles and joined in counter-shape, all in order to give the door a better stability and duration.


The door is complete with a patent Quadro 8 lock in brass finish.


The sash is fitted with 3 anuba type hinges with modern ABS hinge covers


The frame made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence is complete with rubber gasket and brass-plated counter lock with brass burglar cover shell.


The architraves are made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence with interlocking flap adjustable up to 10mm


  • Nocinwood
  • Cilinwood
  • Frassinwood
  • Aubergine purple anilinate
  • Light green anilinate
  • Dark green anilinate
  • Aquamarine anilinate
  • Light gray anilinate
  • Soft white anilinate
  • Wenge anilinate
  • Dark wenge anilinate
  • Nocinwood chestnut walnut
  • Nocinwood honeyed walnut
  • Honey oak
  • Medium dark stained oak
  • Intense wenge stained oak
  • Brushed oak stained with intense wengé
  • Light bleached oak
  • Distressed brushed ginger oak
  • Distressed brushed barley oa
  • Distressed brushed star anise oak
  • Light bleached brushed oak
  • Medium dark stained brushed oak
  • Gray brushed oak
  • Brushed honeyed oak
  • White pickled brushed oak
  • Light gray pickled brushed oak
  • Snow white lacquered
  • Light green lacquered
  • Light blue lacquered
  • Ivory lacquered
  • RAL lacquered at your choice

Standard measures

  • Nominal width light: 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 mm
  • Nominal height light : 1900 1950 2000 2050 2100 2150 2200 2250 2300 mm
  • Wall thickness :80 100 120 mm

Types of opening


Novelty 1
Novelty 1
Novelty 1
Novelty 1