Light Plus

Internal door

Light Plus

Smooth laminate door with a modern and minimal design

Light Plus is the collection of interior laminate doors that expresses the evolution of the materials used for home furnishings and coverings.
Among the many advantages of laminate are its versatility and the ability to imitate the characteristics of wood and other textures well.

Technical specifications

Internal door Light Plus



Door made of laminate.



Centromedian mechanical lock with anti-noise Teflon latch. In the sliding version with minimal free / busy lock.



The door is stopped with 3 Anuba type hinges. Hinges and chrome striker with tray.



Frame made of blockboard and covered in laminate, complete with stop gasket, nickel-plated striking plate.



The 7 cm multilayer casings with 2.5 cm fins compensate for the variable thickness of the wall.


Essences and colors

  • White matrix
  • Azimuth white
  • White rosewood 2302 matrix
  • Marbled beton maloja
  • Larch sand matrix
  • Matrix gray rosewood

Standard measures

  • Nominal width light: 600 700 750 800 900 mm
  • Nominal height light : 2100 mm
  • Wall thickness :100 mm


Types of opening