Bonaparte 3

Interior door

Bonaparte 3

Prestige classic honeycomb wooden door

Inimitable prestige and class for Bonaparte lacquered doors. Protagonists of the most important houses, they impose their magnificent presence, interpreting the richest classic style with elegance and personality.

Technical specifications

Usa interior Bonaparte 3



The hollow-core door, 44 mm thick (total thickness with frame 60 mm), supported by MDF from which the elegant and innovative embossed pantograph is obtained.



The door is complete with a medium lock with a brass finish.



The sash is fitted with 3 anuba-type hinges provided with baroque-style brass hinge covers



The frame made of multilayer / MDF coated and lacquered, complete with gasket, brass-plated strike plate with burglar-proof shells and ironed with 3 anuba-type hinges equipped with brass baroque-style hinge caps.



The architraves are made of MDF and supplied lacquered.


  • Snow white lacquered
  • Ivory lacquered
  • Snow white antiqued lacquer
  • Green antiqued lacquer
  • Snow white antiqued lacquer with yellow gold trim
  • Green antiqued lacquer with yellow gold trim
  • Snow white antiqued lacquer with white gold trim
  • RAL lacquered
  • Dark RAL lacquered
  • Raw mdf

Standard measures

  • Nominal width light: 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 mm
  • Nominal height light : 2100 mm
  • Wall thickness :80 100 mm

Types of opening



Usa interior Bonaparte 3
Usa interior Bonaparte 3