Baldi 1


Baldi 1

Solid wood door of traditional taste, blind or with windows

Blind or windowed, with clew or cover. Baldi interprets the extreme versatility of a solid wood door with a traditional taste. Forms and substance harmonize; in Baldi, solid wood naturally expresses its pure and timeless value.

Technical specifications

Baldi 1



44 mm thick door made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence. All the bearing elements of the door are made with two layers of solid wood glued with junction bars and joined in counter-shape, all in order to give the door better stability and durability.


The 20 mm thick bosses are made entirely of solid wood in the declared essence and made up of boards glued together. On both sides, the panels are surrounded by a flat edge beveled around the perimeter with a relief effect. In the lacquered version the bosses are entirely in MDF.


The 10 mm thick covers are made of wood veneered MDF.


The door is complete with a "patent" lock with a brass finish.


The door is fitted with 3 adjustable double-leg anuba-type hinges, complete with Allen key and modern brass hinge caps.


The frame made entirely of solid wood with three glued elements in the declared essence is complete with rubber gasket and brass-plated counter lock with brass burglar cover shells. The frame kit consists of elements prepared for assembly by means of a set of fixing screws.


They are made entirely from solid wood in declared essence.


  • Alder stained walnut
  • Alder dyed cherry
  • Alder stained ash
  • Nocinwood
  • Cilinwood
  • Frassinwood
  • Lively dyed pine
  • Honeyed pine
  • Medium dark stained oak
  • Honey oak
  • Light bleached oak
  • Intense wenge stained oak
  • Light cherry
  • Stained walnut
  • Chestnut walnut
  • Chestnut honey
  • Distressed brushed ginger oak
  • Distressed brushed barley oak
  • Distressed brushed star anise oak
  • Snow white lacquered
  • Light green lacquered
  • Light blue lacquered
  • Ivory lacquered
  • RAL lacquered by choice

Standard measures

  • Nominal width light: 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 mm
  • Nominal height light : 2000 2100 mm
  • Wall thickness :70 80 100 120 mm


Types of opening