Internal door


Honeycomb door with wood effect finish

The material effect of the carvings of the classic ashlar finishings in an ash-like finish is amplified by the grain that conveys the emotion of solid wood.
A true contemporary classic even in the smooth version.

Technical specifications

Internal door America



The honeycomb door, 44 mm thick (total thickness with 56 mm glazing bead) is supported with 5 mm MDF and with an internal structure in kraft honeycomb for the blind version, and with a fir structure for the windowed version. The door is mounted on the assembled frame, this system guarantees a quick installation and allows to avoid errors of measurements and registration of the door.



Magnetic lock. The latch independent from the magnet always allows the door to be closed. Meeting on the adjustable type frame which facilitates the installation phase.



Anuba-type hinges adjustable on 3 axes.



The blockboard frame and the multilayer casing guarantee a high resistance to humidity.



The 9 cm architraves with 3 cm telescopic wings perfectly compensate for oversized wall thicknesses and guarantee the same height on both the push and pull sides.


Lacquered colors

  • White lacquered
  • White ash lacquered
  • RAL lacquered
  • NCS lacquered

Standard measures

  • Nominal width light: 600 700 800 900
  • Nominal height light : 2100 mm
  • Wall thickness :80 100 mm


Types of opening