Keep your dearest things safe and away from prying eyes with a Dierre safe or armored wardrobe.

We design to secure not only currency, jewelry and other valuables, but also defense weapons and shotguns.

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A completely renewed range of safes for home, office and hotels with an exclusive black color, a symbol of safety and protection.

The experience gained in the safety field allows us to independently produce all the components in the hardware sector, for its production and for all the needs of its customers.

Behind the Dierre brand there is in fact a team of technicians and dreamers: planners, designers, engineers and craftsmen, who every day combine technology, stylistic research and versatility. A team of people who think about the needs and requirements of other people , to offer always new solutions.

From the experience of our staff, the new range of Dierre safes and armored cabinets was born: elegant and reliable, they offer maximum security in every situation.

Browse the catalog and discover Dierre safes, with relative accessories, and gun cabinets with treasure chest.