Keys and App

Dierre is the only door and gates manufacturer in the world to independently manufacture all the components of its interior and security doors, including hardware.

Among the Dierre keys, there are solutions inspired by automotive technology but also real virtual keys , which use everyday tools such as smartphones.

Chei si aplicatii

Do you think it belongs to your car? No, it's the key to your house!

Inspired by automotive technology , Jack Key is the most loved Dierre key: characterized by its great design shape, it has an integrated snap opening, just like car keys.

It is combined with the New Power high security cylinder .



The mechanical key with transponder.

It can be enabled for both electric and manual opening and set in two versions:

  • as a master key - for managing all electronic functions (e.g. registering new keys)
  • as a service key - for door opening and closing operations only

It is combined with the D-Up high security cylinder .



Anti-manipulation and bumping resistant.

The high security D-Up and New Power cylinders are combined with different keys, but they have some elements in common.

  • Anti-bumping desmodromic mechanism
  • Anti manipulation trap mechanism (patented)
  • High resistance steel extension for modularity
  • Mobile block elements
  • Anti-drill protection
  • Rounded fit (blank key protection patent)

House keys, in the space of a credit card.

Key Card Dierre is the electronic key with built-in microchip that can be conveniently kept in your wallet, because it is the size of a normal credit card.



A technological and safe opening system.

The Dierre fingerprint reader was developed for the Hibry security door . The system, which can be integrated into a smartphone via an App that connects the door and the mobile phone in bluetooth , allows you to store up to 99 users.

Alternatively, it is possible to install an external keyboard , which allows the lock to be opened by entering a numeric code.


Key words: ease of management and personalized control.

A ' simple and intuitive interface - with code specifically created and available for both iOS and Android - integrated to a bluetooth device. Allows the door to be opened and closed remotely and indicates any maintenance needs.

This type of smart opening includes the latest generation of motorized cylinder locks, to which the bluetooth device is integrated: a high-performance motor, with low consumption and high reliability .

My Door was developed for Next Elettra, the evolution of the electronic keyless lock.

Dierre - who has always considered every goal not a point of arrival, but a springboard towards new goals - has overcome the limits and created a new electronic lock , where the escutcheon and display disappear: only one LED remains that illuminates the future.

A technologically advanced solution, easy to use. Anomalies and anti-theft sensors are incorporated , to promptly signal any malfunctions or break-in attempts with acoustic indicators.



The remote control key, configurable with the My Door app.

Configurable with the My Door app, the Key-fob remote control communicates with the device inside the lock. It has a single button for opening and closing the door, a LED signals its correct operation.

Optionally, it is possible to request the Remote Key-Fob version, which allows you to manage the door via a remote button in the house (for example from interphones, push-button panels, etc.)



The release key that also acts as a remote control.

All the features of the Key-fob remote control, integrated with the Easy Key release key, for the mechanical unlocking of the lock via the D-Up cylinder, in the event of an energy blackout.